Motivation and moving on.... 

Why I pot!

Clay seems to have chosen to be my art form. Forming and glazing the medium has limitless opportunities; the more successful results seeing the light of day. The focus at the moment is on texture with hints of colour however I can never be too sure what may happen. As long as it is still fun in the making.


Potter Compton  2009 -

Industrial Manufacturing-  Engineering, Plastics and Adhesives 1967 -2009

Ceramics Exhibitions 2016

Artex   St Martins School East End Newbury                                 19-20 March

West Berkshire Open Studios                                                       Resting this year

Henley Arts Trail as part of West Forest Potters                  30 April-2May

Pop Up shop   Maidenhead                                                                     May June

Southern Ceramics  Chichester Cathedral                         Resting this year

Pop Up shop  Nicholson Centre     Maidenhead        TBA Nov'- December

Works in Canada, Chile, China, France, Ireland, South Africa, USA, Hawaii and UK collections